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EYY long time no see have some bods

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Sorry for the inactive. Been on a major FFXIV binge and school. The multi color pen is my ultimate fave.

Have some in classes Tisoka doodles.

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//Anguished noise

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SHUT UP KICHI, kill la kill, It's over,

No healer, no tank.

(I play on Leviathan)

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Leviathan, you say?

Yeeee, yee. I’m Tisoka Nyar. Gimmie a wave if we run into each other! o v o/

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"Ah! You make me see pink!"

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Just the comic. We play on Leviathan

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(I’m the miqo’te)

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FFXIV shenanigoats from yesterday night LMAO

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Was gonna draw GW2 stuff but was more interested in FFXIV LMFAOO———

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when you hide the lineart layer



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Reblaggins, Dx, This is why lineart is so prevalent in my works,


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digiridoo: For that artist ask, 7 or 8 or 9 or 10 or 11

HMM I can’t pick so I’ll do all LMFAO 

7: Yis, yis I have a whole bunch of OCs, both rp and self made, but it’s a good bunch so I’ll only mention my main two, which is Nephsis my succubus, and Glacialis, my half dragon-half human…. creature thing LMFAO 

8: I usually almost always listen to music when I’m arting. I can’t say what my favorites are but I mostly listen to j-pop. 

9: Fav thing to draw are human chicks LMFAO. 90% of my gallery is filled with them. 

10: Hggg… I honestly can’t say… the only thing I can say is my least favorite are drawing children perhaps… Only because I SUUUCK at drawing them OTL


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